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The Silver Medal goes to : Jabra Elite 65t

After my disappointing experience with the Jaybird X3’s, I was forced to resume my perpetual quest for the ultimate headphones and to continue my search for the elusive audible companion to be by my side, day and night. Although my tastes were particular, my two requirements were simple – all I needed was a pair […]

Was the Apple launch the non-event of the year?

One year after I moved from iPhone to an Android phone, Apple just announced their new lineup of shiny gadgets.  Was it enough to convert me back to the Apple fanboy I was once?   Not quite. Apple’s launch event yesterday was, dare I say, rather boring.  Even though Apple products continue to look sexy, […]

Rocketbook Everlast: The best thing since pen & paper?

Call me old fashioned, but I like writing with a pen on paper. This is especially the case in meetings. Sitting across the table from someone could feel like sitting kilometres away if we’re separated by a barrier of laptop screens. And so I leave my laptop at my desk and rather take notes “manually” […]

Achieving mindfulness through Virtual Reality

How spending more time with technology may help cure cellphone addiction How many times did you check your phone during the last movie or TV series you watched? If you’re like me, you probably had one eye on the TV and another on your phone – mechanically scrolling through one app after the next to […]

When the Birds arrive – Scooter-geddon or Scooter-phoria?

When you think about the future of urban transport, what do you have in mind? Flying cars? Self-driving Ubers? Personal drones? Although we may all be traveling around in one of these futuristic machines at some stage, I’ve already seen the future of urban mobility. And it’s a Bird. Anyone living in San Francisco, certain […]

Does South Africa have a startup ecosystem?

I may be biased, but within a few weeks after deciding to close down my startup in Johannesburg, I traveled to Israel to meet some of the most exciting tech startups around who are changing the landscape in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cyber-security. And it made me realise that even though we are trying, South […]

Review of Jaybird X3: Wait for the Jaybird X4

[UPDATE Oct 2018: After much request, I’ve now written a new post about my current headphones, the Jabra Elite 65t] For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Antony and I am a headphone addict. I have my running headphones, my everyday listening headphones, my music appreciation / […]

Grab ‘n Go at OR Tambo

When I was a kid there was a competition on K-TV, called Reggies Rush. If you were selected to participate, you were given an empty shopping trolley in a Reggies (now Toys R Us) store with no-one else inside. The clock started, and you had 60 seconds to put whatever toys you could in the […]

Sticks and stones may break my bones but Facebook posts can really hurt me

We weren’t short of issues when I was in high school – it seems high schoolers never are.  If I were to remember back to the late nineties, I’d say the biggest issues were drug abuse and anorexia.  We probably had about 20 unfortunate students (out of a class of around 150) who fell victim […]

When your drone goes wandering by itself

One of the best presents I received last year was the cute DJI Spark drone.  I’ve had lots of fun taking the little thing for a spin in the SA skies over the past few months (as you can see in this post which shows some of the best shots from my Summer holiday), but […]