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When your drone goes wandering by itself

One of the best presents I received last year was the cute DJI Spark drone.  I’ve had lots of fun taking the little thing for a spin in the SA skies over the past few months (as you can see in this post which shows some of the best shots from my Summer holiday), but it unfortunately doesn’t always behave.

I’ve already had at least 5 instances of little Sparky, as its affectionately known, just flying away by itself.  Thankfully after handing out a few “lost Drone” fliers to all my neighbours, I’ve managed to recover it every time.


The upside in having a wandering drone?  It makes for some great footage when it records the crashes!  Take a look at the 2 clips below which show what happens when your drone has enough of your Summer holidays and decides to run away from home.


Some lessons that Sparky has taught me:

Lesson #1: Invest in some propeller guards to make sure you don’t need to replace those flimsy Spark propellers after every crash.

Lesson #2: Tape a Tile tracker to the drone to make it easier to find.

Lesson #3: Like with Icarus, flying too close to the sun (or too high in general) can lead to disaster.  Fly low, especially in an area where the drone can get easily lost.


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